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  20. Huge Zelos fan and just received my Damascus Hammerhead!
  21. What do you guys think about this bracelet
  22. Check out this vintage strap inspired by the vintage look of the Damascus!
  23. Took this last night of my Hammerhead. Post your best Zelos shot here you've taken.
  24. What do you guys think of this bracelet for the Zelos
  25. Threw my new Super Engineer II Bracelet on that o just ordered a month ago on my Zelo
  26. Swiss automatic movement with Meteorite dial option launching 03- 01-2017 8PM EST
  27. My new Zelos just arrived!!
  28. SE II on my newest Zelos but I'm unsure
  29. Hammerhead SS Blue #29
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  31. Took some shots of my Zelos and Semi Lume with different filters
  32. KS live 03-01 8 PM EST $299- $459 Production is well underway pics of 06-11-17
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  39. The Helmsman is Back. Redesigned and re-engineered from ground up $369-$549.00
  40. Zelos will be in NYC from Oct 27-29 for the WindUp NYC event
  41. DWFB and Zelos watches will be hosting this gathering for all watch lovers.
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  45. Something's lurking in the depths.
  46. The Abyss 2 : 3000m is now available for preorder.Swiss Sellita movement
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  51. Inspired by modern fighter jets.
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  68. Introducing the Swordfish. Our Most Value Packed Diver's Watch!
  70. ET:Swordfish will be displayed along with 2 unreleased models.Prototypes and one-offs
  71. TALOS is Arriving in SG! Come Collect Yours on 24th NOV!
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  74. The Great White is here.
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  78. Vilhelm Watches 24 HOURS ONLY! ENJOY 25% OFF WITH OUR XMAS PROMO
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  80. Zelos First Preproduction Prototype Photos of the GMT Added 02/02/19
  81. New for 2019: Ergon a brand that Ive partnered with a fellow collector/ SW200/ $380
  82. Zelos Review Great White 1000m Diver, the Mako 500m Diver's BIG Brother
  83. Limited batch of 20 Timascus hammerheads are done.
  84. The one-man brand
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  89. Hong Kong Edition limited to 25pcs only
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  92. Introducing the Northstar 300m diver from Ventus, our sister brand!
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  94. JOMW Ventus Northstar Review Goes Live Tomorrow 03/11/19 @ 10 a.m. EST
  95. Clearing out these pieces at great prices as they are considered 'seconds'
  96. The Zelos V2 Mako 500 Bronze models have arrived/ $428.90 Meteorite Swordfish Auto
  97. A SOLID DIVER - Ventus Northstar 300M Heritage Watch Review
  99. Planning for a new batch of Hammerheads
  100. JOMW Review Bronze Ergon Maelstrom $380 Sellita SW200-1
  101. I've heard all the complaints about our current bracelet clasp and is being addressed
  102. Horizon GMT is live Zelos is attending the San Francisco Windup Watch Fair 04-26-28
  103. A GMT with 200m of Water Resistance: Zelos Horizons GMT Review Added 05/18/19
  104. Bronze Horizon on sale now ETA 2893 X1 Lume $649 to $749.00
  105. WR: Zelos Horizon GMT | Hands-On Review By Don Evans
  106. Zelos Swordfish Review/ New Prototype bracelet Swordfish added 06/07/19
  107. Sneak peek of the new bronze swordfish. NH35 movement $299 to $450.00 for meteorite
  108. Horizon GMT Bracelets Are In. $90.00 Includes FedEx S&H