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  1. the friendly negihborhood spider ..... spider
  2. bored
  3. hung out with this guy all day
  4. Having some Lume fun
  5. blue lumeeee
  6. the seabase blue liume
  7. I distressed this strap myself
  8. Saturday sunrise in Illinois
  9. finally no dust
  10. a look in the gear bag.
  11. is this a mistake...
  12. Moon sure was pretty tonight huh?
  13. Photography
  14. STill shootin for the sky!
  15. capturing the feel of a dial
  16. a shooting in blue
  17. a bit of macro
  18. Camera you wear on your wrist
  19. the hydromax reserve 1000m version
  20. cell lume shot
  21. My new fav daily wear
  22. a revisit
  23. seahuter new old strap
  24. bit of bling on a new strap
  25. Dslr vs cell phone
  26. march of the sw200
  27. what do you think of these shoes
  28. back in service
  29. More new shoes
  30. my last try at matching the straps
  31. Planets
  32. brothers
  33. shined and buffed with a sand sponge
  34. DIY Light box just tinkering around.
  35. A few more iPhone and DIY light box pics
  36. if this is wrist candy, is the next one a wrist salad?
  37. just shootin and sharin
  38. Coffee Tyme
  39. I thought these matched pretty good
  40. Gentlemen , get ya shades on
  41. Two pots?
  42. Who I hung out with this weekend you ask....
  43. the plain simple black an white of it is....
  44. So i picked up a t3i
  45. In the red
  46. I have a lint problem!
  47. The LINTLESS shot...
  48. Some great photos and worthwhile reading digital edition of the latest f2 Cameracraft
  49. My Pic on E-BAY to Sell Someone Else's Watch
  50. just lumin
  51. still a good lookin thing
  52. Shrouded
  53. seabase seahunter
  54. russian divers look better with a bit of wear
  55. FLEA MARKET FIND. This would be SO killer with the bone collector watch
  56. New Temple Imagery site
  57. TACS | Automatic Vintage Lens- Watch inspired by photography
  58. The process
  59. photobucket
  60. the season's color
  61. leather or nato
  62. oil pressed dial
  63. Tryin stuff
  64. A Citizen in service
  65. My project turning a bad citizen to a good one
  66. Off to the jewlers for a final polishing
  67. The last transformation of my citizen bl8700
  68. Minnesota, USA farm
  69. just shootin
  70. The golden time of day...
  71. How could ya not
  72. Caught the dial texture
  73. tamron 200-400
  74. Just a cool shot
  75. New strap from OLD friend adds NEW life
  76. if ya got one .... post it
  77. A regular....
  78. Idle Hands Are . . . . .
  79. When Aragon.... was Android....
  80. an interesting angle
  81. Test: PicMonkey editing system
  82. would ya trade this
  83. Re-Intercepting This One...
  84. Photobucket wants me to upgrade:
  85. Recent article - 12 free Image Hosting Sites for Your Photos
  86. Ad Free Photobucket
  87. Photographic Tribute to a Magnificent Watch
  88. shooting the lume...
  89. How to take close up photos
  90. How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse
  91. a cool contrast
  92. Summer's end
  93. More stuff to play with macro lume
  94. Husk on or husk off
  96. A view of important places and things
  97. my fav invicta lume
  98. Powerlines Over Baltimore... Earth and Sky
  99. Photobucket:We had so much traffic this weekend that it took us to the limit.
  100. iPhone X pictures fail
  101. Nasty weather leads to THIS!
  102. Revisited #1: Dan Henry LE 1963 Pilot Chronograph
  103. Tudor Art
  104. Experimenting with PicMonkey
  105. Super Moon
  106. Seiko SSC307 Core Solar Alarm/Chronograph
  107. Strider PicsArt Remix
  108. 2 sides canon shot iphone edit
  109. My mickey mouse sw200 swiss R.D limted edtion number 1/1
  110. Geckota K3 Re-Shoot
  111. Glare and Lighting
  112. *Image Set* Invicta Venom Reserve 0359 Chronograph Menís Watch
  113. Invicta Pro Diver 0424 Rubber Strap Stainless Steel Watch
  114. Invicta Subaqua DRAGON Gold Plated Polyurethane Watch
  115. Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Titanium Menís Watch
  116. Invicta 5404 Subaqua Noma III Chronograph Gold Watch
  117. New gear FMF
  118. Citizen Eco-Drive Menís Diver Rubber Strap Sports Watch
  119. How Photobucket Broke The Internet
  120. Invicta Signature Speedway Gold Plated Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
  121. Looks like fototime is down...
  122. fototime is down......again
  123. Invicta Speedway Signature Professional Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
  124. Invicta Subaqua Noma Valjoux 7750 Rose Gold Menís Watch
  125. Invicta ARSENAL Reserve 63mm Black Diamond Bezel Chronograph
  126. Bored so i did this to my iphone
  127. Some say its a gimmick,
  128. And with the Spring
  129. Look what I did to my APPLE watch
  130. An i LOVED this one
  131. The Invicta Russian diver
  132. bored mucking around with a canon t6i
  133. LOOK WHAT I GOT thats not a watch....
  134. What is this?
  135. How Koudelka's Watch Changed The World
  136. A clean swiss movement
  137. I hate to call anything ugly
  138. blue yeti
  139. Would you get with THIS or would you get with THAT
  140. testing short DOF (depth of field)
  141. samsung Galaxy frointer s3 and its faces..
  142. bocoa low light a T100 tubes
  143. Created color changing face a Venom
  144. New cell Phone TIME!
  145. Opened up a Bulova L7 today and took some photos
  146. Anybody else unable to get into the Photobucket site today?
  147. Under my Lens
  148. i love these kind of lume shots
  149. Natural lume
  150. Beginning January 8, 2019, Free accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos and videos.
  151. new gear my canon t7i
  152. more practice with canon t7i
  154. Adobe Says: Delete Your Older Software Versions Now Or Else!
  155. Is Flickr working?
  156. On May 22 at 5:00 PM PDT Flickr will be unavailable for maintenance Important info
  157. Darktable Opensource Lightroom Alternative
  158. New light box coming