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Thread: What do you think of the mother or pearl dial on the ARAGON Divemaster Open Heart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timecat View Post
    Mother of Pearl: Hot!

    Open dials: Not!

    This is not my opinion, this is what I observe other people buying and not buying.

    When I first started collecting watches, I loved skeleton dials and open hearts. Now it seems like they are terribly unpopular.

    Empirical data only, not reflective of my personal opinion or taste....
    this exactly! i love the dial and bezel... don't like the open heart. I don't think I've ever owned one. Had a few nice skellys in my day but open heart? no thanks
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    This watch in the original post is my first (and only) open heart. I was skeptical, as i (in my pre-retirement days) insisted on a date window, as I had to write the date, not so much. So I thought I’d give this a shot, as I like 50mm, liked MOP, didn’t have a green bezel or green MOP anywhere, and like the Divemaster. And it was only $157, initially, later i was refunded $20 when the price dropped with a month. Then it dropped to $99, but is was months later.

    Well, it’s just fine. The open heart is fine. It’s a cool diversion from all my others.

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    To answer the original question. Love the mother of pearl but not with the colored bezel. I feel it takes away from the beauty of the mother of pearl. I like simple bezels with mother of pearl. Either silver or black, or gold if that's your thing. As far as the Open heart... My first and only open heart is the Android millipede 55 with black case. I absolutely love this piece and get many compliments, but with highly "prized" dials like Abalone, mother of pearl, and carbon fiber, I would rather an intact dial not interrupted by a day box or Open Heart.

    And on a completely irrelevant side note, I would love to see Wing make a diamond dust dial. I really think this is right up his alley and would match some of his more simpler sleeker designs magnificently with a simple three hand dial.

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    I have this watch in the blue , but that green is bangin.

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    whats not to like
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    I almost pulled the trigger on that one during Wing's last Evine show. I may have to catch it on the rebound.

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