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Thread: Could you go the next lets say 15-18 months without buying a watch?

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    Could you go the next lets say 15-18 months without buying a watch?

    I was looking over my current collection and it dawned on me, I still have watches I simply neglected
    I bought them mostly on impulse at the time and would wear them for a few days then put them away never to
    be worn again. But once in a while, I'd look over the watches I hadn't worn in a long time put it on and say to myself
    why did I ever stop wearing it? One such model was my Skagen Hagen World Time Alarm I had bought it last yr at some watch
    store at the Tanger Outlets in the Foxwoods Casino in CT ( I recommend you check out the watches there). Only two reasons why
    I even bought it was simple 1) It was $65.00 on sale and 2) Had a similar World Time function found on my Uncles Seiko age of Discovery
    WT now no longer made. When I was a kid I would always play with the WT feature cause I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I get the
    Skagen which is bigger in size, but it wasn't the case size or dial color that made me stop wearing it? It was the mesh band yes a band that I believe didn't
    even look or belong in the watch. Whoever thought it was a good idea didn't know a thing about watches. So now I have it on a black embossed leather alligator grain strap and it went from a $65 watch to a sub $350 watch well depends on how you look at it. I was gonna save and buy a new watch by the end
    of the yr money permitting but why spend the extra money on a watch I'll probably regret or worse it being another impulse buy? So the way I see it either buy a new strap/s or if you have a watch not being used take that strap and put it on the watch you want to wear. I've gone yrs without a new watch so I can manage 15-18 months. But can you?

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    No, and why would I stop feeding my habit? I usually wear my watches for at least several
    days. I do enjoy wearing them from oldest to newest so gots to keep the herd growing.

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    Honest answer would be no. Now if circumstances such as health, or sudden unemployment, or financial disaster were to occur then sure I could do it, but not by choice.

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    if I had to, absolutely. But its been a long time since I've gone that long. So it wouldn't be my first choice and I don't seem myself going that way anytime soon. However..... as my tastes have changed they have gotten more expensive. I'm planning one more decent sized purchase. What ever that ends up being, I'm not sure what I would add afterwards knowing each item on the wishlist is expensive and it will take a while to save towards it.
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    In a word, yes. I hope I dont have but could
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    Yep. I got my Zenith and Breitling [did not post pics yet, lol], so who cares about new cheap crap.

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    If nothing I like crosses my path I can go that long easily.
    Chances of not finding anything I like for that long ... doubtful.


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    Not happening, but I have chilled lately.

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    I've been collecting for just over 13 years and have never gone that long without a purchase. That might change soon.

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