(movement ISA Caliber 8176)

Very rough translation of the video above.

Hello everyone, I will consider with you model of Swiss Invicta 10004 of collection Russian diver. Russian diver case is large, massive, heavy enough. Made of stainless steel in a pair of hulls, there is leather cover from above, so it is unusual. I do not even know what it's here for, it's rough, visually like cracked varnish here, looks specially made on to the sides with black thread. The cross looks effectively enough at the junction with the combination of black and grey. The inner side of strap already has habitual material, soft skin very soft to the touch. Let's look at the clasp here. Classical stainless steel, let's look at watch cover and we will see. On the other side of the case there is a massive screw on crown that protects any mechanical damage, it also creates a good tightness waterproof enclosure of 100 meters. This cap is attached to chain like this that fetters fully enclosed which performs important functions. The fact that in these watches per interchangeable in the set. An additional black polyurethane strap I will show in film. Fastened on back with these cogs that unscrew thanks to the edges of a rectangular that is on the cap that inserts the face screw and I twist myself, showing the strap change very fast comfortably unscrewed. Chain turns bezel that you can reach out up to this side here everything is very thoughtful. Again, the bezel has a special facet to the chain with a cap on it to twist like this. Let's discuss the example on one's wrist and understand the dimensions. The model is very impressive and the clock looks like my hand is competent. The cap is located on the watch with the left which sits on hand with a thickness look. The principle of minimalism functions minute hand, secondhand small dial. The dial itself intertwining carbon fibers which in strength do not concede stainless steel, but thanks to this material dial cool enough looks. Quite useful GMT function, Alaska pollock is a function which allows set time in several time zones. The function will be useful for those who often travels. It changes everything thanks to a button which function with a pen clicking on this button. There is an additional hour hand and here is the scale of 24 hours and you establish parallel the main time here. This second sentry hour principle arrow is the functionality of the clock ends mechanism. Completely made and tested in Switzerland about what says inscription Swiss made in the lower part of clock face dial, also produced in Switzerland. That's enough, the only thing I'll show you is time changes here. Everything is very simple. Here, you are pushing crown button in second position and scroll arrows, but in the first position here the crown is changing the second hour arrow. It's just like general information here and thank you for watching watch review.