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Thread: Replica Watches...

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    I don't mind a homage but it it's a fake being passed off as the real thing that is unethical and illegal....and just plain tacky. Now if a watch is being made to look just like another I'm ok with that as long as the logos are not the same of almost identical to fool the underinformed
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    Let's not be Hippocrates here. As most of us have purchased TIMEpieces that were homage or replicas. Invicta became Invicta based of their Rolex homage Pro Diver or should I have called it Submariner. Invicta also has other models that homage other Rolex and other brands. Stuhrling Original got into trouble for the Ricochet or should I call it a Hamilton Ventura. Swiss Legends Neptune is a Seiko. I could go on and on and most of us have bought these TIMEpieces pretty much knowing we were out priced getting the original so a homage will do til....a dream can be fulfilled. Or should I call it a "Grail". So let's keep it as they say on the streets...REAL.
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    I’d have to question why you’re buying one. It’s certainly not for the quality of a high-end watch, even though some of the $1000 versions may have some. It’s for the status. That’s a larger issue than just a watch I’m afraid. I’ve been a victim of this thinking, hey it’s LA after all. I had some pretty expensive pieces that somehow made me a “better person” when I wore them. Now I buy what I like, and people have no idea what the hell I’m wearing or the value of it, and I’m cool with that.
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    I don’t consider replicas at any cost “good taste”!
    Liking the real deal is good taste.
    Buying a replica of it is poor taste.
    You definitely won’t find any validation here.
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    I've seen some poor looking fakes online that look like you would get them out of a cracker jacks box to
    some like Pateks costing thousands yes thousands like you would go down to your local jeweler and buy one.
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    I wouldn't buy a replica myself, but have owned some Crackerjack watches and see nothing wrong with them. I always purchase things I think I'll enjoy, not based on what others like.

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    I'm not a fan of fake watches (or any fake merchandise for that matter) because they're illegal and always made with vastly inferior quality.

    Homages though are fine but there is a very clear difference between the two.

    Homage: made by Brand B and resembles Brand A but makes absolutely no reference to Brand A whatsoever.

    Fake: made by Brand B but makes obvious references to Brand A and tries to fool the potential buyer into thinking that it is actually from Brand A.

    There is a *HUGE* difference between the two.

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    I like my watches like how I like my woman, all real and authentic. Das it!
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    bought a watch(fake)wait... from senegal $4 wonderful leather strap. Kept strap dumped watch in trash can at food stop where bought. See no wrong in this as I was after the strap. Have seen a lot of good leather straps on cheap crap copies. Not acusin or abusin, what folks do is their concern just giving a different take and my view. If Anyone would like to send me their Ricard Mille or Chopparrd 4 dollar watches with genuine leather straps, be glad to have the
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