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Thread: Replica Watches...

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    Replica Watches...

    I recently had a discussion with a close customer of mine about replicas/fake watches. How wrong is to buy a fake watch that looks exactly like the original????? I mean is it wrong to have good taste even if you don’t have the money to buy the REAL deal????

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    Fakes are illegal. End of story. You are stealing intellectual property. What if you had an idea and someone makes a fake and sells it for very little.

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    To each his own if the "replica" is ok by the guys who make the original then hey its a win win... i myself am not into replicas or a homage... however I don't look down my nose at them. hey i might wear a timex an some snobs might judge that ..... in my mind the coolest thing about collecting watches is...ITS ALL ABOUT YOU as the collector...nobody can wear a watch for you, like a watch for you, or hate a watch for brother has a casio my dad wore every work day of his life.. brand new it might of cost 15.00... he wouldn't sell it for 15,000.00....
    lastly all the money in the world doesn't make a tasteful choice
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    Fakes are bad.
    Homage on the other hand is ok as long as it has a few of it's own styling cues which most do.

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    1991. Went with some friends to Atlanta to see a basketball game. In montgomery I met a gentleman , long black coat,selling watches. All fake. I was surprised at what I saw

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    Everybody loves a little "Romex"....

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    Replica's or fakes are the pit of the industry. That entails using another's name and licensing to make money which is a crime. I was in Mexicp 20 years ago and I'll admit I bought a fake Rolex for a joke. It wouldn't fool anyone. I consider fakes or replica's in a different class then homages.

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    For starters, knockoff/fakes are assembled poorly and have poor parts in them. Even if they look like the real deal, they usually have poor, unregulated movements assembled unde such poor conditions that they will not even last. Take a look at this video on a slew of other reasons fakes are bad:


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    Life is short...don't waste a minute of it. Gary

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    perpetual forum topic here...homages are copies of designs usually within the law...the law is not clear and if a producer goes from grey to red there can be serious legal ramifications-

    counterfeits are another matter-they are produced in countries which do not bi-laterally honor USA patent-copyright laws etc.- so using your hard earned can foster criminal enterprise or at the least it is detrimental to all law complying tax paying watch producers-

    fakes are universally scorned on forums for above outlined reasons... WIT forum has no snobs and fakes are disdained here too-

    gonna mansplain this to your " close customer " ? or do U fear losing his bidness ?

    doing the right thing requires a moral compass and conviction to deal with consequences ...E-Z to moralize with my finger on a keyboard...hard 2 do if the light bill is past due-

    good luck !

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