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Thread: UPDATE for those concerned about the Haldor Armis Watch Bracelet

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    Can't wait to see on your wrists, and congrats too.

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    Nice of them adding half links, makes for a perfect fit in most cases.
    The truth will set you free... but sometimes it might piss you off first.

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    An HHC early bird popped up for $550 free ship - decided to go back to that version - that was the version that initially drew my attention. I have plenty of watches with ceramic bezels and I like the Sinn U1 vibe of the HHC bezel, so made the switch. My Ceramic Bezel early bird is out there (as of about 5pmEST) for $570 free shipping if anyone wants it.

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    Many of you asked for a black date window for the Haldor Armis. We decided to offer it like an option. If you want to change the disk wheel from white with black numbers, to black with white numbers (like on photo below) please add 5$ to your current pledge. If you select a "Pack", please pledge additional amount depending on how many disks you want to change. The reason we charge it to you is because we have to order extra movements with black disks in a big quantity, which is an additional cost for us. Anyway the movement with black disks is more expensive.

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