Withdrawn...Gonna slap it on an incoming piece


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Jul 15, 2014
I had our very own Vesire make this one for the Nubeo I got. I ended up liking the nubeo better on bracelet so figured I'd see if anyone wants this one. I paid $40 for it. Shipping on me. PP is fine. If you want to do another way just let me know and we can discuss. I have a few of his straps and they really are top notch. If you want spring bars just holler and I'll throw some in there. Smoke free home. Holler with any questions. Best way is email [email protected]

CB5CF8F5-227E-43D7-A992-86F851058C56 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr

3845BE13-6CE7-481F-A469-501F909D8EBA by Brad Sotak, on Flickr

3E53EEDF-9714-42CA-9F6D-ED36D3213F9A by Brad Sotak, on Flickr

54C8BE8F-99E0-4E49-8AB2-EE151985C620 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr

7F8B0E6B-9A85-4FF6-BB6A-AB9A9D3027A1 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
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