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Watchmaking in the News - December 2020


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Jul 17, 2014
PRIMETIME - Watchmaking in the News - December 2020

•Dec 22, 2020


Hello to all,

This is year is “finally” coming to an end and we keep our fingers crossed that 2021 won’t be a full repeat of 2020. It might well start more or less the same, but there is some serious hope that things will get better and make all our lives easier. And I say so because it has been relatively difficult for us to bring you our regular type of videos, going inside manufactures, meet people… We did our best to come up with an exciting program throughout the year, but we can’t wait being able to go behind the scenes of our beloved watchmakers and take you along with our reports.

And 2021 will mark a very special year for us as we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary and it’s just crazy how time simply flies! We still have so much to uncover!

In this last edition of PRIMETIME, there were still a few interesting new watches released, but we also come back on some of the highlights of the year and what to expect next year.

We wish you all a very happy holiday season, our best Christmas wishes and naturally a very happy New Year.

And a final Viva Watchmaking to you and just for info, we have three really nice Watchporn videos coming your way in the days to come, a moment of pure watchmaking celebration.

Marc André & Team



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Jul 15, 2014
Thanks for posting this up, Mike. :hat:
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