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Tutorial Showing How To Open A San Martin, Proxima, Etc. Monobloc Case + Remove & Install Hands


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Jul 17, 2014


I'll be doing this myself when the replacement hands arrive. I'll think twice before dealing with Proxima again. The first watch was perfect, which led me to but the one that has the lume issue.

The language barrier is a RPITA sometimes. I asked if the stem was split. There is no way I'm going to send my watch to another collector. I can do the hands myself. Nothing against Brent and $30.00 + S&H would not be bad from an actual watchmaker who was going to pressure test the watch, etc. I've wasted enough time and energy on this one, but will do the hand job myself.

Some guy B.L. Stephen said he hooked me up with when I was asking about the split stem.

Geismar, Louisiana
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