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The C60 Sapphire is back in stock


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Jul 17, 2014
Christopher Ward
At last! The C60 Sapphire is back in stock
Handsome. Individual. Available
The C60 Sapphire is a watch like no other.

What makes it so unique is its dial – made from lab-grown sapphire crystal and machined to a thickness of just 0.6mm.

Something that lets you see deep into the automatic movement from the front.

When it was launched it sold out in 24 hours. But now it’s back – and looking better than ever.

Which means you can finally experience the transparent dial and a build quality that delivers water-resistance to 600m.

All from $895

You don’t want to miss out again, do you?​
Fratello is one of the world’s most respected watch blogs.

Here are the key take-outs from its glowing review of the C60 Sapphire.​
C60 Sapphire - Daring combination

“The sapphire dial on a C60 feels like dancing the Waltz in football boots — just about crazy enough to sound like a good idea.”​

“When you give it a full-frontal look, C60 Sapphire strikes with a perfectly balanced design.”​
C60 Sapphire - Ice-cold cool

C60 Sapphire - Deep-blue sapphire
“The translucency of the material gives the dial real depth and you feel like you are looking through a heavy mass of water while diving really deep.”​

“If ever a watch was made to be worn in the sun, this is it. It’s the perfect summer watch.”​
C60 Sapphire - Two watches in one

All image credit goes to Fratello
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