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Invicta Men's 52mm Corduba Quartz Chronograph Leather Strap Watch...


Tyme Machine
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Jul 13, 2014

Equipped with a supple, hefty, Calf leather strap, this Invicta Corduba has a cool, classic look to it.
The dial displays two chronograph sub dial's and a date window.
At the 12 o'clock position is the seconds sub dial, and at the 6 o'clock position is the minutes sub dial.
The hands have a nice black finish to set off against the dial.
The case has a very nice satin brushed finish and is very crisp looking.
The dial displays a visual mini square pattern, which has a sheen to it, giving the dial a nice pattern to it.

Watch Details

  • Movement Type: TMI VD51 Quartz Chronograph
  • Movement Country of Origin: Japan
  • Case Size: 52mm.
  • Case Thickness: 12mm.
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bezel Type: Stationary
  • Crystal Type: Flame Fusion
  • Dial Material: Metal
  • Crown Type: Screw Down
  • Band Type: Leather
  • Band Material: Leather
  • Band Length: 7.75in.
  • Band Width: 26mm.
  • Band Clasp: Buckle
  • Water Resistant: 200
  • Country of Origin: Japan
    (Visually):) .... I like the overall layout as the hour numerals and indices,
    all look raised, as if baked in a kiln, visually, not a painted numeral.

    This timepiece will cover your wrist but has no overhang and looks very sharp, clean, and precise on the wrist.
    Also of note, the timepiece is 12 mm in height, so even though the case is 52 mm, it does not look like a sky scraper
    on your wrist, rather it looks like part of your wrist.

    Even the edge of each sub dial has a sparkle of color to catch the eye in the light.

    I would caution though, break in the leather band, gently, to soften it up like a new pair of shoes.
    I say this, to be careful, with the strap keepers which are a thinner leather.
    Once the band softens up with use, the keepers won't be stressed..

    The timepiece has an impressive look on the wrist as just a quality looking build.

    The crown is protected by a very cool screw down, "canteen," attached to two curved small metal arms with a hinge
    attached to the case, fastened by two small metal screws.

    Very cleverly, Invicta made the hinge hollow in the middle to accommodate the Chronograph pusher to operated,
    and the pusher protrudes slightly through through the hinge, presenting you with a very cool look of mechanical

    The Calf Leather strap is thick and quality feeling with stitching along each edge that matches the color of the dial.

    The Corduba is an old reliable in Invicta's line and has always been a stalwart piece that is utilitarian and dependable.
    Along the date window at the 3 O'clock position

    Shophq number on this timepiece is 680-961 for ordering.
    Current sale price is $59,82 which I think is a steal for this timepiece.
    I bought the yellow dial with blue leather strap, then reordered the rasberry red dial which is a great fall look r any season.
    I have a very old corduba and it is a trustworthy timepiece.



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Grand Tyme Master
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Jul 15, 2014
Big, Bold, easy read, and functional. :thumb: for posting this up, Jim.:hat:


Tyme Twister
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Jul 13, 2014
Big and bright. That model was always good bang for the buck , congrats.
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