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Introducing The Phoenix Collaboration


Tyme Master
Founding Member
Jul 17, 2014

Premiered 94 minutes ago: Jan 13, 2021


Hello to all,

I’m happy that on these times, we still have some very interesting and meaningful projects to share with you. One of them is called the Phoenix Collaboration, which was initially conceived and directed by our good friend Peter Speake (co-founder The naked Watchmaker), collaborating with Schwarz Etienne, responsible for the mechanical part of the watchmaking process, and Les Ateliers Blandenier, taking care of the artistic side.

The goal was to integrate the multiple skills into a unique timepiece and to share the experience with you as we had the opportunity to follow the project, which represents a perfect symbol of these very peculiar times. It started during the first confinement and lasted almost 9 months and that’s why revival became the main theme with the quote around the dial “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Provided by Schwarz Etienne, they have used 18ct red gold 42 mm ‘Roma’ case, into which is encased the automatic calibre ASE 100.00 , featuring a micro-rotor and holding 86 hours of power reserve.

As mentioned, it took 9 months to go through the entire project and by looking at the dial, we can understand why; multiple enamelling techniques to come up with this unique deep-blue sky and the engraved Phoenix itself - gold engraved, floating above the small seconds sub-dial.

It was a long way to achieve the result and this unique timepiece is naturally for sale.

The Phoenix Collaboration between Schwarz Etienne & Les Ateliers Blandenier.
Schwarz Etienne is an independent brand and manufacture based in La Chaux des Fonds, Switzerland, producing small numbers of simple and complicated timepieces under their own brand name as well as providing private label services under their subdivision La Division du Temps.
Les Ateliers Blandenier, was developed over 20 years ago by Christophe Blandenier, originally specialising in engraving and setting. It now has thirty craftsmen specialing in the majority of the ‘métiers d’art’ from diverse techniques of hand engraving, stone setting, enamelling (grand feu) painting, acrylic painting, ceramic painting, angling of components, damasquinage, making jewellry pieces as well as specialised CNC machining.
The project was conceived and directed by The Naked Watchmaker.

The reason for the project.
The Phoenix collaboration was a concept from The Naked Watchmaker platform. Developing a synergy between Schwarz Etienne and Les Ateliers Blandenier, to make a unique time piece that would showcase the watchmaking process of Schwarz Etienne and artisanal skills of Les Ateliers Blandenier.

The theme and explanation of the dial.
The base of the dial is made in 18ct gold and filled with enamel, the smokey blue and white effect of the enamelling is to generate the impression of a blue sky. The gold Phoenix is hand engraved and then lacquered, the subject was chosen as a representation of an element that always returns. The Phoenix then links to the quote around the dial, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” –– Confucius. (A statement in an ever-changing and challenging world). The small seconds subsidiary dial is set with pyrite stone, the name of the stone originates from the Greek "pyr" meaning fire.

The goal of the project was to integrate multiple skills into the making of a unique ‘Art-piece’ and to present them on The Naked Watchmaker in order to both share the complexity of the project and the time and people involved within such an undertaking.

Multiple artisanal techniques that individually carry historical value combined can result in unusual effects. The depth of the blue enamel sky was selected to generate a contrasting back-drop for the applied phoenix positioned above the pyrite seconds disc, making it appear to be suspended in the sky.

Technical Specifications
The total thickness of the case 12.13mm, diameter 42mm. Made from 18ct red gold. Water resistant to 50 meters. Calibre ASE 100.00 Thickness: 5.35mm and diameter 30.40mm. Power Reserve 86 hours. Automatic winding. Frequency 3Hz (21,600Alt/h).

Link to site with full article


Tyme Master Jr.
Founding Member
Jul 18, 2014
Not my jam but I really appreciate the work that goes into it
it's a good read... 42mm. RED GOLD ROMA CASE BLUE ENAMEL PYRITE SUSPENDED GEM STONE... CONFUCIUS quote on the dial...

rich man's horo woody...reading on it was plenty for me... gonna pay down debts get ready for food inflation


Tyme Machine
Mar 13, 2015
I like it! I am not crazy about the size wish it was a couple MM larger and I could do with out the quote and other stuff on the dial. I would just prefer the brands logo and the Swiss Made. I think all that letter take away from the beauty of the dial. Put that stuff on the case back.
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