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First of the "Blue" year

Still tickin

Tyme Teller
Nov 20, 2020
Just picked this up with the last sale. So I have some pics of the process with a little narration. Bear with me.

What's in the box?
Wow, look at all this.

Instruction manual
Warranty card
Cleaning cloth
Key chain
Wrist band
Compass & thermometer that attach to strap
Nice zipper travel case

Oh, maybe you want to see the timepiece.
Here, look at this...

Uh oh! What happened here?????
(It is called preplanning. I went on a search to find a different strap to match the baby blue accents on this timepiece. I stumbled on this on Amazon at the enormous price of $5.99. There goes the wrist budget. Silicone, you know, soft and pliable with color inserts. Comfort, my friends!)

Did I not mention what this is....
Well, dummy, the brand name is obvious! LOL
44mm Master 1000 Gen II Vintage model
Ceramic bezel
Sapphire crystal
15mm case thickness
Seiko NH35 automatic
22mm lug width

That's enough info........
Let's move forward.......

Oh......that overpriced strap manufacturer even had the nerve to put quick-release pins on the darn thing.

Like the raised dial indicators

And the lume

The following looks like I work for Stan, doesn't it?

Alrighty then, I have one more pic I can add. Unfortunately there is a 10 pick limit, and I understand. I'll put wrist shots on OTWT for Friday when I start my "dive" into the weekend. (I know...dumb pun!) Just want to say I really like this timepiece and this size. Almost perfect from my perspective for diameter on my 7 1/4" wrist but I definitely wear bigger. Love the Seiko auto movements. Love my Blues!

So here is my last pic and maybe somewhere, (pretend you're looking at one of those hidden picture puzzles) you might see some similarities among some of my Blues(hint..hint). Sorry this will be so hard to figure out!!! I put the latest acquisition in with the pair so the brain doesn't smoke!

Thanks for looking!


Tyme Twister
Founding Member
Jul 13, 2014
The strap takes it over the top , congrats.



Tyme Machine
Jul 23, 2019
Outstanding and thoroughly enjoyable read with top notch pics! Oh, and loved the watch as well!

That's one fantastic and different DB, and I love it. The colorway, the design, it just stands out as different, and those big triangles are like an upside down Eterna dial look.

Enjoy!!! What a treasured acquisition!!!!
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