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Curved & Fitted + Adjustable Mesh Watch Bands


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Jul 17, 2014

Curved & Fitted Adjustable Mesh Bands!
Posted by STRAPCODE on JULY 27, 2020

Written by Sam
Photo by Toni

Left: Curved End Massy Mesh Watch Band for Seiko SKX007, V-Clasp, Polished MC221820B006P on Seiko SKX009K1 & Middle: Curved End Massy Mesh Watch Band for Seiko new Turtles SRP777, V-Clasp, Brushed MC221820B007B on Seiko SRP777K1 & Right: MC221820B006B on Seiko SRPD73K1

When it comes to mesh bands, some may go the shark mesh for their Seiko Marinemaster, or Seiko SRP turtle. While others may go for the Milanese mesh band for their smaller vintage chronograph watches.
What are some of the characteristics that define what a “Good” quality mesh band is. Personally, I’m stuck in a love & hate kind of feeling with mesh bands, mainly because I hate having to go through all the trouble and hassle to try and find the exact fitting for my wrist.

MC221820B006B_& MC221820B006P

However, with the birth of our Massy mesh watch bands, (adjustable links), the problem with trying to find the appropriate size for mesh watch bands were quickly rectified.
This year, we went above and beyond to refined our Massy mesh bands, and we turned them into curved end fitted mesh bands which will be made available to the following watch models: Seiko SKX007, SKX009, SKX011, New Seiko 5 Sports models, Seiko SRP new Turtles, and TUD BB 41 mm models.

MC221820B008B on TUD BB M79230N & MC221820B008P on TUD BB GMT 79830

You can add as many additional body links as you like, depending on the size of your wrist. To shorten the mesh band, you can remove up to 3 body links on each side of the mesh band. The length of each body link for the new Massy mesh band would be 5 mm.
Now that our mesh bands come fitted and adjustable, there’s no reason to worry about not being able to find a mesh that fits nicely on your wrist. Especially if you happen to have a SKX007, New Seiko 5 Sports models (22mm), Seiko SRP Turtles, and last but not least, TUD BB 41 M79230N-0002 models. Hurry and place your order now for a fitted and adjustable mesh watch band.

MC221820B006B on Seiko SKX007
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